Crude Oil with Spotlight Master Suite

This page will be used to track the results of our 10 am mini session with Crude Oil, using the Spotlight Master Suite.  We’re going to track the results starting with a hypothetical $15,000.

Here are the details to the plan:

  • We’re using the Spotlight Master Suite Diamond Level
  • We begin at 10 am and finish taking trades at 10:59
  • We’re beginning with a $15,000 starting account
  • We will assume a $5.00 round turn commission and fees per contract
  • We’re going to assume a 1/2 tick slippage per trade per contract
  • To avoid some slippage, most trades will be entered with stop limit orders, except for Stop and Reversals, which will be stop market orders
  • We’re going to trade to Target 1 to begin with
  • We’re going to add a contract with each $2,500 of profit
    • Our 2nd contract will go to Target 2
    • Our 3rd contract will go to either Target 3, 4 or trail and is yet to be determined.  We’ll announce what our 3rd position exit will be at the appropriate time.
  • We will subtract a contract when we have $1,500 of drawdown
  • We can ‘get in sync’ with a trade that setups up prior to our start time per our ‘get in sync’ rules
  • We will quit when one of these three things occurs:
    • We hit our T1 and we are positive
    • We have two Money Management trades and we are at Break Even for the session
    • We have had two losses
    • Three trades total
  • The Time Stamp of the trade is based on Exchange Time and is the time the trade sets up, or, if entering by ‘getting in sync’ with an earlier setup, the time stamp will be the time the trade triggers in.
  • On the Wednesdays with a Crude Oil Inventory Report, we will not take trades beginning at 10 am.  We will wait until 2 minutes after the Crude Oil Report release and begin at 10:32.