SPFx Trade Tracking

Here are the details to the plan:

Our Spotlight Fx Alerts service was designed with the philosophy of the Backpack Trader at its heart. You don’t have to learn any strategies. You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes per day on average placing and managing trades, or following our signals. We use slow swing trade charts, mostly daily charts with the exception of one 4 hour chart that has shown an 85% win rate over the past 14 years (backtesting, forward testing, and on-going current trade tracking).
Each trade is designed to scale out at 3 separate targets with an additional position for trailing a stop. This is how we hit some big homerun trades. As a result, we track each trade as 4 positions. We only are tracking Net Pips per position. We do not account for the size of the trade. As a general guideline, we always recommend that you never risk more than 2% of your overall trade capital on any given trade (or less depending on one’s own aversion to risk) but you should check with your own financial advisors.
We also recommend that you never risk any funds that you cannot comfortably afford to lose. This is just common sense. Here you will find the ongoing record of trades being tracked and recorded on our
spreadsheet. Feel free to follow along.
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